Our Adoption Process

Starting immediately I will NO LONGER BE KEEPING A WAITLIST. After long consideration I have decided to do away with our waitlist entirely. I've spent hours and weeks going through our interest list waiting to hear back from dozens of people and I have decided this system is not efficient or functional anymore and it takes away from those who are prepared and committed to bring a puppy home. And it takes away from my time caring for our puppies and my own personal family. 

How to reserve a puppy:

Everything You Need to Know

I will continue to post our upcoming litters on our Website, Instagram, and Facebook. I will also provide regular updates regarding when a female has been bred, confirmed pregnant, and when the puppies are born. I can not keep up with every inquiry and message asking if we have a puppy available, I receive so many of these emails and messages asking the same questions and the information is readily available on our website and social media. 

When a litter is born I will post on our social media pages HERE and HERE. I will give a 24 hour heads up the day before that we will be accepting reservations the following day. Turn on your post notifications for our page so you don't miss it. I will post the puppy's pictures and the available genders and the estimated matured weight. 

If you would like to reserve a puppy, comment on the post with the gender you are reserving. Selections will go in order of who responded first. For example; if there are 3 females available and you were the 3rd person to comment and request to reserve a female you will have the 3rd pick. A $500 deposit is required to hold your puppy. I will reach out to you immediately after you've commented to exchange the necessary information. If you have not previously filled out an application I will send one to you to make sure that we are a good match for one another.

My puppy's well being is always my first priority and I reserve the right to deny anyone for any reason I see fit. All of our puppies go home with STRICTLY ENFORCED SPAY/NEUTER CONTRACTS. I do not sell to breeding homes and large penalties are in place in our notarized contract for those who attempt to breed one of our puppy's deceitfully. 

 I do selections in person at 6 weeks of age. At that time, you will come to our home, meet the puppies, and make your selection. I make recommendations based on lifestyle and temperament which puppy I believe is best suited for each family, but of course it is always your final decision. Our puppies go home at 8 weeks of age and final payment is due on pick up day. I provide weekly updates with all of our families who have placed a deposit and also post on our social media regularly. 

Change can be hard and I know that this new system may seem a little complicated but I truly believe it will be a more efficient and fair way to match families with their perfect puppy. Too many families have reached out to me that I had to turn away because I THOUGHT I had too many committed people above them on our waitlist. Only to find out later on that many of the people listed above them aren't ready to place a deposit or have found a puppy elsewhere. It is not fair to those who are truly prepared and actively seeking a new family member. There is a high possibility that you may still have to wait a litter or two to reserve a puppy. But I believe this new system will take out a large chunk of what the wait time used to be. Thanks for your patience while we navigate through this together.