Sire & Dam


AKC Golden Retriever

Sadie is an AKC Golden Retriever. She has a beautiful apricot coat that sheds very minimally. She comes from strong bloodlines with a very healthy pedigree. She is an active and intelligent dog who loves nothing more than to please her family. She loves to swim and is extremely gentle with young children. She tested clear on all genetic panels.


AKC Red Standard Poodle

Maui is a striking AKC Red Standard Poodle with tight curls and a solid black nose. He comes from long lines of working service and therapy dogs. He has had a full genetic panel and descends from generations of OFA certified Sires and Dams. He is 55lbs and 26in tall at the withers. He is extremely calm and well tempered. He has a beautiful gait and perfect conformation. He is the perfect family dog and is so gentle and patient with children of all ages.
Maui is loved and spoiled in his Guardian home!


Irish Golden Retriever

Rosie is a beautiful Irish Golden Retriever which is what gives her such a luscious deep red coat. She has completed a full genetic panel and is clear of over 173 genetic diseases. She has perfect structure and a beautiful gait. She is 70% Golden Retriever and 30% Irish setter. She has the compassion and fun loving nature of the golden retriever and the loyalty and gorgeous red coat of the setter. The perfect match for even more perfect doodles!


F1 Goldendoodle

Meeko is a future Doodle Mama. She has a beautiful wavy cream coat with apricot tipped ears and paws. She is a fun-loving and active girl. She loves agility and hiking and has perfect conformation. She has a pending genetic panel for over 173 genetic diseases.
She is the daughter of Sadie and Clyde so she comes from generations of health tested lineages.
Meeko is loved and spoiled in her Guardian home!


AKC Red Miniature Poodle

Archer is a 5lbs AKC miniature poodle. He is the sweetest lap dog and so calm around the house. He is one of the most patient dogs we've ever owned when it comes to kids. He is so gentle and sweet with everyone he meets. He has completed a full genetic panel and descends from generations of gorgeous healthy red poodles. His coat has only gotten darker has he's aged!

The West Family

"I love this breeder! We received an adorable, healthy puppy. Kaelee made sure all puppies were properly socialized and cared for in her loving home, preparing them for their new families. Our little Sophie is happy, healthy, and confident. She gets along with everyone. Thank you Kaelee for helping match the puppies to their new families and thank you for always being available to answer questions. Your pictures and weekly updates were wonderful as we anxiously waited to pick up our new best friend. Looking forward to the next puppy we get from Sun Valley Goldendoodles!"