Bella will be looking for her perfect retirement home later this summer. (After May 29th). Bella is an F1 Labradoodle. She has a wavy coat that requires very minimal grooming. She is very active and playful and loves children and playing in the water. She gets a long well with other dogs. She is incredibly intelligent and loving. She is a velcro dog and wants to be glued to your side ( or lap if you allowed her ). Bella is fully crate trained, potty trained, walks great on a leash, knows all of her basic obedience such as sit, lay, wait, come, drop it, etc.
Bella is 3 years old and in great shape. She loves to run, hike, and play. Someone with an active lifestyle and playful demeanor will be best matched with her.



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At Sun Valley Goldendoodles, we believe in responsible and ethical breeding practices. Our females health and well being it of the utmost importance. We retire our girls at a young age and complete all breed appropriate health testing prior to breeding. Our retired dogs have given us so much and we want them to enjoy the love and relaxation a retirement home can offer. All of our retired dogs are kennel trained, potty trained, leash trained, basic obedience, and spayed/neutered prior to being adopted.

Sometimes we have dogs who may not have been the best match for our program and they are spayed/neutered prior to ever having a litter.

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