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Mazie & Epic

F1 Standard Bernedoodles

Bernedoodles can fit into any home because — while they are happy to frolic outside — they’re just as content to lounge and cuddle with their people. Bernedoodles are prized for their affectionate, playful nature. They can be goofy, but they are intelligent and work hard to please. Well-socialized Bernedoodles do beautifully with children and other pets. They love to play or cuddle up, making them perfect for just about any household. Bernedoodles introduced to plenty of people, animals, and different places as pups are less likely to be suspicious or bashful. These dogs are not hyperactive and don’t need tons of exercise. One good walk a day plus attention while indoors will satisfy them. 



Mazie is a 60lbs teddy bear. She is as sweet and snuggly as they come. She is highly affectionate, sensitive, and calm. She is extremely easy going and patient. Every living creature is a friend to Mazie!

OFA Hips Good

OFA Elbows Normal

OFA Cardiac Normal

Clear Genetics

1 Copy SOD1B


Epic is an AKC Standard Poodle


CGC - CGCA - CGCU Titled

owned by The Curl Squad-


"Medical Alert/Task Service Dog. Epic is my calming sidekick. He is there to alert me to hormone changes in my body that lead to black outs. His large stature braces me from falling and keeps me safe. He is well behaved and happy to work and be by my side. His temperament is out of this world. He loves all humans and animals right away, low prey drive and even as a well proven stud he is sweet to other unaltered males. Epic is home grown, trained and produced here at The Curl Squad. I am so proud of him and his puppies he produces. He has produced multiple working Service Dogs."

Embark DNA Clear

Penhhip .30 & .32

OFA Heart/Eyes/Patella/Thyroid NORMAL


The Puppies

The puppies are expected to be 55-65lbs at maturity. They go home vet checked and up to date on deworming and vaccines, a 2 year health guarantee, microchipped, one month of prepaid pet insurance, and our go home bags which include their favorite toy, leash, litter blanket, and informational packet, and of course lifetime support from your breeder.

Rachel is tenderhearted and social and loves children. She has a docile and sweet natured temperament.

Ready to go home December 10th

DOB: 10/16/2023

1 Female


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