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Ginger & Murphy

F1bb Medium Goldendoodles

 Goldendoodles are the perfect all around family dog. They love to play and are relaxed with kids. Although as with any dog, both children and the dog need socialization, training, and supervision. Goldendoodles are very obedient with proper training. They love games of all kinds and adore swimming. Their smarts and endearing nature have given them success as guide dogs, therapy dogs, and service dogs which include tasks such as scent dogs for people with peanut allergies, bringing comfort and companionship to the elderly or hospital patients, or as comfort animals to help anxiety. 

In F1B, the “b” stands for “backcross.” This means an F1 Goldendoodle was bred with a 100% Poodle. F1bb is an F1b Goldendoodles bred back to a poodle. They will not shed and although no dog can be guaranteed to be 100% hypoallergenic, most allergy suffers do great with this generation.



AKC Standard Poodle

Ginger is an AKC standard poodle. She has a deep red non fading coat with white abstract markings. She is a mamas girl and is so loyal to her family. She is clear for over 200 genetic diseases and has OFA clearances on her hips & elbows.

10/10 Red Intensity

OFA Hips: Fair

OFA Elbows: Normal

She weighs 45lbs.


F1B Mini Goldendoodle 

Murphy is an extremely fun-loving and playful pup. He loves everyone he meets; kids, other dogs, cats, horses, you name it! Murphy has a beautiful thick non-shedding wavy coat red coat. He is smart, extremely human focused, and eager to please.

Embark DNA Clear

9/10 Red Intensity 

OFA Elbows Normal

Cardiac Normal

Patellas Normal

He Weighs 28lbs


The Puppies

The puppies are expected to be 25-35lbs at maturity, we will have more accurate estimations on the individual puppies as they grow older. They go home vet checked and up to date on deworming and vaccines, a 2 year health guarantee, microchipped, one month of prepaid pet insurance, and our go home bags which include their favorite toy, leash, litter blanket, and informational packet, and of course lifetime support from your breeder.


Est. Gotcha Day Jan 19th

DOB: 11/24/2023

 1 Male


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